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I'm almost done after months of work finally something good from me

For Movie: I want Mastermind 2 or 3 to win......There she is i've never really liked lol idk why...and then the rest besides bamby i thought kinda sucked or were funny but really didn't deserve it....Overall I like Mastermind 2 more since it was just random humor which i like the most instead of more of a plot out
but I'll be happy if either of them win

For Game: Fancy Pants world 2......and my second choice IF fancy pants doesn't win is either The Torture Game or Pandemic 2. Alot of the games were good Like....:The Game: and Achievement Unlocked were addicting but didn't deserve it because the authors didn't put as much work into it as they Brad Borne did with Fancy pants.....I like Dino Run and Cronotron but they just don't appeal to me as much as fancy pants....Fancy Pants was a game i played day after day until i had all trophies beat all levels and had all pant colors....and then after i won i still played over and over until i got a new computer and my save was gone....Tentadrill was pretty nice but never appealed to me i know im babbling on about the games since i'm more into games then flash movies but overall I think Fancy Pants deserves it the most.....


I'm back

2008-12-27 16:16:13 by Gohan139

I'm back=D


2008-10-26 13:54:21 by Gohan139

I don't really know where it's going but I was messing around with flash and Action Script today and well I got I said I don't know where it's going I'm gonna post both files in the alpha section one is where you're trying to avoid this erm well block in the middle well not really when you go in the string turns red and when you're out it's green and one is just the same without the thing where you're controlling a green string around but meh=/

New computer redownloaded flash

2008-10-24 15:23:18 by Gohan139

But....... Bad news also Snake Update is canceled because of that=/ Sorry since file is gone but new game Pong it's kinda cheesy simple and colorful but meh it's fun!

hey guys added music to my game

2008-06-20 13:25:08 by Gohan139

Hey guys I added music to my game and Im in the process of a high score board^^

So I'll be making more games later since I suck at flash movies -.- I should just stick to games.

I am now the self-proclaimed diamond clock!

Ok Im auto banned for submitting 2 submissions that got blammed in the past 30 days for 15 days and I made a good game>> So yeah stupid>>

Ok hi guys Ima start putting more effort into my games

2008-06-02 15:23:50 by Gohan139

Ima start putting more then ones hours effort into my games like first adding more stuff to crazy stick dress up and resubmitting. EDIT: I cant get the preloader working so dont complain to me that preloader dont work if you tell me the actionscript to not make the movie replay(which is fine if I just Have 1 frame for the dress up but it keeps going back to preloader)EDIT2: Actually yes I did xD 10 seconds after I posted that I couldnt>>